V2 Magnifier Hood LCD 2.8x Viewfinder Extender Magnetic For Canon 550D 5DIII


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Viewfinder Viewfinder LCD-V2 – designed specifically for those photographers who also shoot video with their digital cameras.
Optical viewfinder Viewfinder LCD-V2 dlyaZhK screens DLSR cameras:
Canon 5D Mark I II, Canon 550D , Canon 600D, Canon 60D, Samsung NX200 has a 2.8x magnification
LCD Viewfinder is used when shooting video with a digital camera. Viewfinder LCD Screen enhances image SLR camera, turning it into a huge viewfinder like a professional camcorder, thanks to this easier focusing and improving the stabilization of the camera (there is an additional pivot point). You can also use to take pictures, as a protection from the direct rays of the sun and improve the viewing frame on the LCD screen. Truly it becomes indispensable when shooting on a sunny day!
Universal magnetic mount – allows you to quickly set the viewfinder or remove it (the screen frame is attached, and to the frame viewfinder is attached by means of a strong magnet). The frame, if necessary, can be easily removed without leaving any traces.
Allows you to use a SLR camera.
Stabilizes camera when you’re shooting without a tripod.
Provides more accurate focusing.
Allows you to use the LCD screen even in bright light.
An increase of 280% specifically for the 3-inch LCD screen.
Correction diopters no (but for the eyes with 1 – 4).
Very strong structure – no moving parts.
Turns 180 ° degrees so that it can be used both for right and left eyes.
Universal magnetic mount – allows you to quickly set the viewfinder or take it off.
Its use does not interfere with the optional battery pack, the sensor Wi-Fi and other accessories.
Viewfinder LCD-V1     Canon 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 7D , Canon 500D, Canon 50D, Nikon D 800, Nikon D 700, Nikon D7000
Viewfinder LCD-V2     Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 550D, Canon 600D, Canon 60D
Viewfinder LCD-V3     Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 600D
Viewfinder LCD-V4     Sony NEX
Viewfinder LCD-V5     Nikon 1, J1, V1
Viewfinder LCD-V6     Canon EOS M
Fit Model: For Canon 5D III 550D DSLR
Material: Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Metal
Magnification: 2.8x
Aperture Diameter: 40mm
Eyecup: Silicone Rubber
Support LCD: 3″ (4:3)
Color: Black
Weight: 110g
Application guide:
1.Leave your camera recording for approximately 12 minutes before and just after the frame is applied – as the camera gets moderately warm during the recording it helps to develop a strong initial bond between the metal interface and your camera body.
2.But while you apply the interface frame set your camera to display a bright full screen image such camera menu in its brightest state it aid the correct and even placement of the interface frame.
3.Now, remove the paper backing and carefully apply the frame onto the camera body while ensuring an even placement around the LCD.
4.Apply pressure (message it with your fingers) to ensure better bond between the frame and camera.
5.Leave a weight onto the freshly applied frame at least for 15 minutes while your camera is recording as the heat generated will ensure a better first specially if you are in a hurry.
6.Initial bond strength of approximately 76% is achieved after 15 minutes.
Package included:
1 x V2 LCD viewfinder
1 x Metal Frame

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