GGS Self-Adhesive Glass LCD Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S4 White


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Nothing beats clarity of the optical glass. As the first company to develop glass screen protector, GGS continues to set the standard for LCD protection. Our new Galaxy S4 protectors utilize our experience from first generation of GGS screen protectors – in fact we made them better.
Not only will the GGS protect your phone’s LCD screen from scratches and damage, but it is also designed to be work with touch screen and swivel screen on modern cameras. GGS protectors do not use glue – they connect to the LCD screen with a strong silicon adhesive for fast, easy and gapless installation without affecting the sensitivity of the touch screen. They are also ultra thin – just 0.5mm (or less than 1/50 of an inch).
One of the other key characteristics of GGS protectors is frame design. That makes them look and feel like they are part of the Galaxy S4.
Why Choose GGS Screen Protector?
Protection – It is build from hardened glass with 8H surface hardness that surpasses steel, offering excelent scratch and impact protection
Clarity – Crystal clear optical glass with clarity that exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors or films
Appearance – Frame design makes a perfect fit for the Galaxy S4
Functionality – A very thin 0.5mm protector allows for greater touch screen sensitivity and works well with swivel screens
Easy to care – A smudge-resistant coating prevents fingerprints and facilitates cleaning
Ease of Use – A special silicon adhesive makes for easy application and removal
Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken
What Makes GGS different?
Since the introduction of the first GGS optical screen protectors many other companies tried to compete with us, but non of them can surpass our new GGS protectors. Just see for yourself.
Automatic installation activated by touch
Impact resistant and shatter proof
Adhesive free
Anti glare
Smudge resistant
Touch screen compatible
No glue residue after removal
Color Matched Frame design
Material     Japanese Hardened Optical Glass
Application     Electrostatic Attraction
Hardness     8H+
Light Transmittance     over 90%
Layers     6
Max impact force     12 kg/cm²
Thickness     0.5mm±0.05mm
Absorptive Force
Item Includes:

GGS 0.5mm Self-Adhesive Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 White
Screen Cleaner

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