Fotofans LP-01 Macro Focusing Focus Rail Slider


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Designed for all digital and film SLR cameras and used for macro photography, or film negatives taken;
Suitible for most Canon EOS, Nikon, Minolta and Pentax macro bellows, macro shot extension tubes, or macro lenses;
Smooth rack and pinion movement provides extremely fine focusing adjustments and positive locking knobs assure rock-steady focus;
Focusing rails are essential accessories for macro photography, which requires precise distance modifications and a steady hand, as well as other situations where accurate camera positioning is crucial;
The geared drive system can greatly enhance accuracy and speed of adjustment of the slider and the screw size is international standard: 1/4″, fitting most tripods and copy stands.

Material: Metal
Weight: 225g
Color: Black
Length: 160mm
Width: 93mm
Height: 24mm
Move Range: 100mm
Package Includes:
2 way macro slider X 1

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