Camera Flash Hot Shoe Spirit Level 3 Axis Bubble


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3 bubble hot shoe spirit level
Is it hard to determine whether the photo taken is straight and level? If you have this problem, this gadget is designed for you.
This 3 Axis Double Bubble spirit level mounts into any flash shoe (except for Sony or Minolta camera) and features three joined spirit levels providing better direction information.
This will help the photographer achieve a finer degree of accuracy in capturing image content.
It is particularly useful when you mount your camera on a tripod. This is very nice for doing panoramic series too. It helps make sure that your photos will actually stitch together when all is done.
Fits almost all DSLR/SLR cameras with a standard flash hot shoe (except for Minolta and SONY SLR as they use their own flash mount).
Compatible with:
CANON EOS: 10D / 1D Mark II / 20D / 30D / 350D / 400D / 40D / 5D / 5D Mark II / 1000D / 1D Mark III / 300D / 450D / 500D / 50D etc…
NIKON D-Series : D100 / D200 / D2Hs / D300 / D3X / D40 / D40x / D50 / D60 / D70 / D700 / D70s / D80 / D90 / D2 / D2Xs / D3 etc..
OLYMPUS Evolt series : E-300 / E-330 / E-400 / E-410 / E-420 / E-500 / E-510 / E-520 / E3 / E30 etc..
PENTAX K Series : K10D / K2000 / K200D / K20D / K-m / K100D / K100D Super / K110D etc..

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