C Mount Movie Film Lens to EOS “M” Compact Mirrorless Camera Adapter


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C mount lens to Canon EOS M mirrorless camera adapter. Brand New 

This adapter allows C-mount lenses (found in many – but not all – 16mm movie cameras, CCTV cameras, etc) to be mounted on the new Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera range (Canon EOS M, EOS M2, EOS M3, EOS M5, EOS M6, EOS M10)
Please note: 

This adapter is for the new Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera format only and it ***DOES NOT FIT Canon EOS DSLR CAMERAS*** Any C-mount lens attached to a Canon camera cannot be controlled electronically from the camera (i.e. it works in manual focus and manual aperture mode only).

Many C-mount lenses produce an image circle too small to effectively cover the entire Canon camera sensor. This produces what is called ‘vignetting’ (dark circles around the image)

This adapter is designed to fit C-mount screw lenses only and will not fit any other type of cine / film camera lens. Please note that not all movie camera lenses are C-mount.





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