82mm Adapter Ring ND 2+4+8 Orange,Sky Blue Grad ND Filters+Holder & case


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82mm adapter ring

ND 2+4+8 filters

orange,sky blue,Grad ND2 filters

filter holder & case

compatible with Cokin P series

How to use:
1. Screw the ring adapter onto your lens.
2. Slide the filter holder on the ring adapter until it snap in place.
3. Slide the filter into one of the filter holder slots which is depended by your filter’s size.

Product Description :

This is high quality gradual filters brand NEW!
Compatible with Cokin P series

Gradual filter is a MUST HAVE for digital users, because the digital sensor unlike film has very low exposure tolerance. Detail will be lost on both low and high light area. To correct this, you need gradual filter to balance it!

Half color and Half clear Graduated filter. Rotating mount for easy color adjustment. This is especially true in situations where you don’t have total light control, as in bright contrast landscapes. Sometimes it is also desirable to add color to part of the photograph. For example, to add blue to only the sky. Fabricated from our high-quality color graduated filters which are color toned in one half of the filter and are smoothly graduated into the clear portion.

No other filter has done as much to improve landscape photography as the graduated filter. Add color selectively while leaving the rest of scene unaffected. Half color, half clear with a graduated density transition for smooth blending into the scene, Gradual blue filters can be very useful for enhancing a grey and lackluster sky by giving it a sunnier aspect, something that a polarizing filter cannot do under these circumstances. Using the right gradual blue filter will ensure that the image maintains a natural appearance.



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