62mm Universal Circular Polarizing Filter CPL


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62mm HD Circular PL CIR-PL Filter High Definition CPL 62 mm

The Circular-Polarizing Filters can eliminate harmful reflected light to improve image clarity and expression.

◆   Can be eliminated from water or glass and other non-metallic shiny surface reflection of light.

◆   Increase the color saturation, deepening blue sky,  highlighting the clouds, to make the blue sky, green leaves, ridges and construction of more vivid color.

◆   Shooting through glass, can eliminate the reflective glass surface, more clearly capture the stuff inside


Use method

The polarizer directly in front of the camera lens, polarized lens by rotating the adjustment ring, observed in the frame to be taken light reflection scene, until it disappeared or reduced to the desired results so far.

◆   Then the camera can not arbitrarily change the shooting position, or need to re-adjust the polarization direction of the polarizer.


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