37mm ND2 (1 Stop) Neutral Density ND Lens Filter


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1 F-STOP REDUCTION UKCE Neutral Density ND2 provides a fixed 1 f-stop light reduction, which allows long exposure and motion blur techniques in low light.

Great for landscape photography and cinematic effects in videography.

COLOUR NEUTRAL Consciously designed to maintain colour neutrality with no colour cast for better image quality and truer colours.

UKCE Premium Japanese optical glass provides neutral colour balance, reduces lens flare, removes ghosting and protects against scratches, dirt, and grime.

Consciously designed durable magnalium rims are double-threaded for stacking and slim profile to avoid vignetting.

ND2 filter provides 1 f-stop reduction, allowing 50% of light to pass through your lens

Eliminates overly bright & washed-out images and enables longer exposures to capture the beauty of time and movement

Allows a wider aperture to achieve a decreased depth of field

The perfect entry-level ND filter to get you started with neutral density photography

This is a Fixed Neutral Density lens filter not a Variable ND.



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